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Ilja Visser

“Sophisticated comfort. Sculptured design approach. Modern attitude. Fluid motion. Innovative approach to traditional techniques.”

- Ilja Visser


ILJA offers a collection of Suits and Softs for modern women that perfectly matches their dynamic and diverse lifestyle. The world of the working woman is one of flexibility, equality and endless possibilities. Working today poses new questions and simply demands new answers. ILJA responds to the lifestyle of modern combining work and private life with outfits that are stylish, feminine, frivolous and strong. Clothes that help you through the days when your nights were short. Combine your blazer with pants with an elastic waistband, wear it with a sweater; or pair your same blazer with another semi-couture ILJA piece. Everything goes! ILJA is a compliment to contemporary women. The brand encourages women to be unapologetic, acting on their strength and comfortable with their own beauty.

‘Every woman should own a suit that they feel comfortable, relaxed, feminine and ‘soft’ in. A suit that they can wear all-day long for multiple occasions ‘on-the-go’ in various ways of styling; but always looking strong, sophisticated and ‘casual-chic’ whatever the day may bring.’
ILJA is a product of Atelier de Pêcheur BV:



VAT/BTW: NL856948251B01

KVK: 67359744