International recognition 

Once up on a time there was a girl named Ilja Visser, a fashion designer who has traveled the world, showcasing her unique designs in all the major capitals. With an impressive list of clients that includes Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, the Kardashians, and many others, Ilja has received widespread recognition for her innovative designs. Then, there was time for reconsidering...


Reuse of fabrics

She wanted to do more than just create strong styles, and wanted to make a positive impact on the world by reusing fabrics that are left behind in stockrooms. She wanted to create fresh and modern articles from these materials and give them new purpose. Challenge herself to design with all left over fabrics she could find.



She is always on the move, searching for cool fabrics and thinking about outfits that are slightly different from the rest. Her designs are created in limited quantities, depending on the stock level of the materials available. You can find them under the name ILJA, and her pieces are always fresh and unique.


For strong and creative women

Although she prefers to lay low and focus on creating new styles, her team is always available to answer your questions. It’s important for her to focus to be able to create for strong and creative women, who can appreciate the cool looks, want to do good for the environment and are willing to stand out. There is so much average in the world. 

Be cool, Buy cool, Look cool ...in reused fabrics!

ILJA is a product of Atelier de Pêcheur BV:



VAT/BTW: NL856948251B01

KVK: 67359744